Reminder – Junior Parent Gift Gathering Party – October 15th

SAVE-the-DATE:  Junior Parent Party, Thursday October 15th, 6-8:30 PM, Circle Tap Patio & Indoors.  Hosted by Will & Kathryn Nigey and Greg & Jennifer Ruggles.  More Hosts Welcome, Evite to follow.  Thank you to Bill & Erin Bush, Shannon Littig Cramblit and Kevin & Bridget Murphy, more Hosts welcome!  (a Host helps underwrite the cost of the party and brings food/drinks.  $100 made out to AHS, Jr Parent Party)   These parties provide a casual setting for the Parents to gather – indoors & outdoors – while raising money for a gift donated to the April Knight Auction.  *to attend, $50/couple donation suggested.  “Opt-out & Donate” happily accepted!  Contact

April Knight Junior Fundraiser Evite