FootballMania – Booster Club Fundraiser

It is that time of year again, as one of the biggest Booster Club Fundraisers is about to start, FootballMania. The FootballMania tickets offer weekly cash prizes, coinciding with each week of the NFL season. Tickets cost $20.  Each year thousands of dollars in prize money is claimed by those with winning tickets.

There is still time to purchase tickets.  If you are interested, email:

Boosters Football Mania Winners –

Week 1:

KC Armstrong – $25.00

Week 2:

Kelly Timmons- $125

Katie Lacina- $25

Tammy Hulsbrink- $25

Denise Gooder- $25

Week 3:

No Winner

Week 4

Heather McIntyre- $25

Week 5


Week 6

Chris Kettmann – $50.00

Bonnie Byrne- $25

Chrissy Hayes- $25