If your student is going to college next year, there are some important dates coming up in the near future that you need to be aware of. The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) becomes available on October 1st. This is an important step in the financial aid process that gives students access to federal student loans, grants, and work-study opportunities in college.

To get ready to file the FAFSA, both you, the parent, and your student should set up a Federal Student Aid ID (FSA ID). This is a username and password that you will use to fill out and sign the FAFSA form. Visit studentaid.gov/fsa-id to set up your ID, and don’t forget to write it down! You’ll use the same FSA ID every year to file the FAFSA. If you have an older student that you’ve filed the FAFSA for in the past, you may already have an FSA ID. You will use the same ID for each student’s FAFSA.

Assumption High School’s ICAN Student Success Advisor, Ms. Lupe Hernandez will be doing a state-wide virtual Financial Aid Presentation this Thursday, September 30th, at 6 pm. It’s free and open to everyone who’s interested.  Please click here:  https://www.icansucceed.org/about-ican/services/presentations/ican-events-and-presentations/how-to-pay-for-college-understanding-financial-aid-6bb108

The following college/universities have early FAFSA priority dates.  If your student is considering any of the these schools, you should file the FAFSA soon after October 1st: Iowa State University (Dec 1), University of Iowa (Dec 1), Grinnell College (Nov 15) and Morningside University (Dec 1).

If you have questions about paying for college, or would like free help filing the FAFSA, ICAN is offering virtual and in-person appointments this year. If you would like to set up an appointment with Ms. Hernandez, please contact her at 319-423-7702 or send her an email at ghernandez@icansucceed.org