Grandparents/May Crowning Mass

SENIOR PARENTS:  At the Grandparent/Mary Crowning Mass, on Thursday, May 9 at 9:55 in the Sunderbruch Auditorium, we would like to honor the grandparents or special older people in your student’s life through a photo slide show that we will present just before and after the Mass. We would like to include your special photos. Please submit your pictures in electronic form, if possible, to Lynn Day at by Friday, May 3. If it is not possible to submit an electronic photo, we will scan your original and get it back to you. You may leave photos in the Front Office. You may submit current or older pictures. Your student may be in the picture or not. Each senior will have his or her own slide.

 Please make sure to identify the people in your photos so that we can accurately label them.

Thank you for sharing your memories with us.


Lynn Day


Lynn Day

Academic Advisor

Assumption High School

1020 W Central Park Ave.

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563-326-5313 ext. 238