College and AP Courses

In partnership with Eastern Iowa Community College, Assumption High School offers college courses on site. AHS students can take up to 64 credit hours of concurrent enrollment (dual-credit) college courses and 10 AP (Advanced Placement) courses at no additional cost. Completing college and AP courses saves families significant amounts in future college tuition and increases acceptance levels into competitive universities.

College Classes: Art Appreciation, Calculus I, English Composition I & II, General Biology IA and IIA, Human Anatomy and Physiology with Lab I & II, Intermediate Spanish I & II, Introduction to Business, Introduction to Literature, Introduction to Public Speaking, Introduction to Sociology, Introduction to Statistics, Math for Liberal Arts, Music Appreciation, Personal Finance, Principles of Accounting

AP Courses: AP Calculus, AP Chemistry, AP English Literature and Composition, AP Government and Politics, AP Macroeconomics, AP Microeconomics, AP Physics, AP Psychology, AP Spanish, AP U.S. History