Faculty and Staff Contacts

Last Name First Name Subject Phone Ext. Email Address
Adams Sarah Religion Ext. 200 sarah.adams@assumptionhigh.org
Applegate Kerry Physical Education Ext. 214 kerry.applegate@assumptionhigh.org
Baker Patrick After Hours Testing Proctor Ext. 210 patrick.baker@assumptionhigh.org
Buchanan Ryan Math Ext. 266 ryan.buchanan@assumptionhigh.org
Bush Kelly Dir. of Student Wellness/Social Studies Ext. 212 kelly.bush@assumptionhigh.org
Chanez Susan Math/Business Ext. 267 susan.chanez@assumptionhigh.org
Craig Andy President Ext. 225 andy.craig@assumptionhigh.org
Crespo Vanessa Spanish Ext. 290 vanessa.crespo@assumptionhigh.org
Day Lynn Academic Advisor Ext. 238 lynn.day@assumptionhigh.org
Foley Fr. Scott Religion Ext. 257 scott.foley@assumptionhigh.org
Foster Susie April Knight Coordinator Ext. 281 susie.foster@assumptionhigh.org
Frieden Bridget Library Ext. 260 bridget.frieden@assumptionhigh.org
Frieden Mike Director of Student Success/Business Ext. 224 mike.frieden@assumptionhigh.org  
Gizzarelli Jordan Alumni/Athletics/Social Media Ext. 242 jordan.gizzarelli@assumptionhigh.org
Gonzales Sara Science Ext. 276 sara.gonzales@assumptionhigh.org
Guldenpfennig Jackie Director of Transportation Ext. 220 jackie.guldenpfennig@assumptionhigh.org
Hansen Brenda Science Ext. 241 brenda.hansen@assumptionhigh.org
Huber Sue Family/Consumer Science Ext. 208 sue.huber@assumptionhigh.org
Imborek Natalie Religion Ext. 256 natalie.imborek@assumptionhigh.org
Johnson Ashley Math Ext. 271 ashley.johnson@assumptionhigh.org
Jones Carey Controller Ext. 229 carey.jones@assumptionhigh.org
King Wade Athletic Director Ext. 245 wade.king@assumptionhigh.org
King Powers Liz Tuition Assistance/Development Office Ext. 228 liz.powers@assumptionhigh.org
Lamp Carly English Ext. 279 carly.lamp@assumptionhigh.org
Loes Trevor Vocal Music/Choir Ext. 240 trevor.loes@assumptionhigh.org
Luton Jan English Ext. 217 jan.luton@assumptionhigh.org
Mahr Erin Instrumental Music/Band Ext. 235 erin.mahr@assumptionhigh.org
Martin Wendy Science Ext. 206 wendy.martin@assumptionhigh.org
McGuire Amy English Ext. 218 amy.mcguire@assumptionhigh.org
Meissen Monica Math Ext. 268 monica.meissen@assumptionhigh.org
Miller Shelli Front Office Ext. 200 shelli.miller@assumptionhigh.org
Moore Andy Social Studies Ext. 251 andy.moore@assumptionhigh.org
Murphy Bridget Principal/Math Ext. 289 bridget.murphy@assumptionhigh.org
Quested Tammy Student Services/Registrar Ext. 237 tammy.quested@assumptionhigh.org
Seneli Jeyson Spanish Ext. 286 jeyson.seneli@assumptionhigh.org
Sexton Michelle Visual Art Ext. 253 michelle.sexton@assumptionhigh.org
Simpson Dave Social Studies Ext. 265 david.simpson@assumptionhigh.org
Smith Jodi Spanish Ext. 261 jodi.smith@assumptionhigh.org
Smyth Bridget English Ext. 219 bridget.smyth@assumptionhigh.org
Thissen Mike Physical Education Ext. 214 mike.thissen@assumptionhigh.org
Tillman Gina Business Office Ext 222 gina.tillman@assumptionhigh.org
Timm Jacob Social Studies Ext. 213 jacob.timm@assumptionhigh.org
Trier Penny Business Office Ext. 223 penny.trier@assumptionhigh.org
Wallace Rona Science Ext. 275 rona.wallace@assumptionhigh.org
Walter Keri Math/Science Ext. 273 keri.walter@assumptionhigh.org
Weaver David Cafeteria Ext. 243 david.weaver@assumptionhigh.org
Williams Andrea English Ext. 204 andrea.williams@assumptionhigh.org
Worrell Anthony, Sr. Religion Ext. 254 anthony.worrell@assumptionhigh.org