Class Reunions

Welcome to the Class Reunion page for Assumption High School, Immaculate Conception Academy, and St. Ambrose Academy!

This year’s reunions:

Note: If the reunion contact field is blank next to your class year, we are still looking for a “planner” for your class!

Class Year Reunion Contact Save the Date More Info
2018 TBD
2013 TBD
2008 TBD
2003 Nick Haut (563) 940-3253 July 29, 2023 Cru Bottle Shop Downtown Davenport @ 7pm
1998 TBD
1993 Carrie Ott Devine


Oct. 13 & 14, 2023 Oct 13th-6pm at AHS Parking Lot Football tailgate. Oct.14th-5pm Me & Billy’s Food and drinks
1988 Mike Schlichting

Sept 2, 2023 The Tangled Wood @

6:30 PM

1983 Mike O’Donnell-

Becka Frandsen-

Kathleen Argo-

July 28 – 7PM

Ruby’s (casual)

July 29 – 6:30PM 

Kelso’s in the East Village (casual)


429 East Third Street, Davenport


1117 Mound Street, Davenport

1978 John Bush Aug. 5, 2023
1973 Steve Grimes Sept. 15-16, 2023
1968 Katie Tritt Oct. 13, 2023
1963 TBD

Getting the Word Out

Reunion Planning Information


  • Assumption’s Alumni Office will provide address information to the reunion planning committee. If there are any changes to this information (address updates, “found” alumni) please plan to have that information back to the Alumni Office at least 1 week before the anticipated mailing date, so the changes can be made in our database.
  • The Alumni Office will cover the cost of two mailings for each reunion. Most reunion committees choose to send a save the date followed by a formal invitation, or a formal invitation followed by a reminder mailing, but they can be used however the committee wishes!


  • Recently, more and more classes have utilized facebook to help spread the word about their upcoming reunions. Although facebook can be very handy to alert classmates of dates and times, if you plan to collect donations before the reunion to help cover the cost of the weekend, the Alumni Office recommends sending out invitations on top of the facebook events to encourage classmates to RSVP in a timely fashion.

Using Assumption Facilities

  • Depending on availability, your class may use Assumption’s facilities (gymnasium, library, courtyard, etc.) for a portion of your reunion gathering.
  • Schedule a tour! A lot has changed around the halls of Assumption in the past few years, let alone the past 30 or 40 years, so schedule a tour with Assumption President, Andy Craig, to get a firsthand look at our upgraded and improved campus. The length of the tour can be flexible to fit into your class’ reunion schedule.

Miscellaneous Reunion Ideas

  • Use old class photos on name tags for the event – a fun piece of nostalgia that will help you recognize your classmates!
  • Ask each member of the class to submit photos, updates, and fun facts about their lives to use in a booklet or slideshow for each classmate to take home – mail booklets/slideshows to classmates who were not able to attend the reunion.
  • Request copies of photos taken at the reunion to be sent to a designated member of your reunion committee to be made into a slideshow to be sent to attendees or to be viewed at the next reunion.
  • Have old high school photos laying around? Make copies to use in centerpieces and other decorations.
  • Put together a playlist of songs, or seek out a band or DJ who specializes in music popular in your high school days.

If you have questions regarding any of the information found here, or regarding anything that was not covered in the above information, please contact our Alumni Office at the email address above.  We are happy to help make your reunion a success in any way possible!