Homegrown Hawkeyes Athletic Talent Search & Scholarship Opportunity

Athletic Talent Search

The Nationally-Ranked Iowa Women’s Rowing Team is seeking to invest in Iowa’s top female athlete(s) by dedicating as much as a full athletic scholarship to the 2019 Homegrown Hawkeyes Athletic Talent Search.

Homegrown Hawkeyes is a search for athletes who have never rowed  but are driven to compete at the highest level of NCAA athletics and excited about the idea of transferring their athletic talents to a new sport at the collegiate level.

Hawkeye Rowing has a reputation for being one of the best talent-development programs in the NCAA. In 2018, UIowa led the nation with nearly 85% of the NCAA Championship roster starting their rowing careers as freshmen.

These Homegrown Hawkeyes helped lead the Team to a #7 National Ranking, a #11 NCAA Championship finish, and wins over World Championship medalists while on tour in Europe.  Some of these sameHomegrown Hawkeyes have been identified by the US National Team and are on the path toward elite competition.

High school athletes:  You are encouraged to apply directly to the Homegrown Hawkeyes search if you fit the candidate criteria.

Candidate Criteria

Class: High School Juniors and Seniors
Height:  5’9”-6’3”
Weight: 150-200 pounds
Athletic Qualities: Power, Endurance, High Kinesthetic Awareness
Personality: Mentally tough, Team-oriented, Coachable, Committed to Excellence

Iowa Rowing will be hosting informational clinics on December 29 and February 10 for any and all high school junior and senior athletes.

Any and all inquiries on the Homegrown Hawkeyes search, the upcoming informational clinics, or Hawkeye Rowing in general are welcome.  Please direct those inquiries to:

Jeff Garbutt
Director of Recruitment
(319) 353-5532

The Homegrown Hawkeyes search is being conducted in accordance with all NCAA, Big Ten, and University of Iowa recruiting regulations.

The University of Iowa reserves the right to not award scholarship if no appropriately credentialed participant(s) is found.