ACT Club

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Why not build your ACT knowledge, confidence, and understanding a little bit each week, instead of cramming right before the test?

ACT club meets on TUESDAYS from 2:55 to 3:15.​

  • Anyone may join at any time!
  • The club runs from the start of September to the end of April.
  • ACT club will have you in and out fast; you won’t even have to miss practice!
  • Testing is timed, and students are assisted in improving their testing speed.
  • When time is up, a subject-area teacher is available to answer questions and help students analyze their answers.
  • It is important to show up to ACT Club as frequently as possible before taking the ACT test!
First, Fourth, and Fifth TuesdaysEnglish & Reading (Mrs. Lamp’s Room)
Second TuesdayMath (Mrs. Eliopulos’ Room)
Third TuesdayScience (Mrs. Wallace’s Room)

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