Literary Guild

Assumption Literary Guild

Reading literature that supplements the required literary curriculum is a valuable extension of student learning. The Assumption Literary Guild allows students the opportunity to strengthen their reading abilities and enjoyment of reading through guided instruction that is both fun and functional.

Students wishing to participate in the Assumption Literary Guild may select books that interest them from a diverse list (provided by each English teacher). After reading a book, the student must set up a time to meet with the book’s assigned teacher during his or her office hours. (Students should email the teacher in advance to set up a date & time.)

The teacher and student will then conference together, one-on-one, and the student will be prompted with both specific and open-ended questions. Once the five-to-ten-minute conference is finished, the teacher will inform the student whether or not his or her conference has demonstrated knowledge of and engagement with the novel and earned a passing mark; if so, she will record one point for the book.

As of 2020/2021, each book conference is worth one point. (Note: Book conferences from 2017-2020 have been “grandfathered in” at their former value of 1, 2, or 3 points.)

Students who have earned three points by the May 1st of their senior year will be recognized at the Senior Honors and Awards ceremony as members of the guild! Seniors who have read 10+ books will be recognized as “distinguished members.” The senior with the most points will be recognized as “president” of the guild with a special certificate.

Assumption Literary Guild:

  • Club Member (3+ books)
  • Distinguished Member (10+ books)
  • Highest Score (by grade) = GUILD PRESIDENT!