Congratulations to the Class of 2024!

We are justifiably proud of our recent graduates in the Class of 2024.  Our newest alums crossed the stage on Sunday, May 26, and we cannot wait to see the ways they will go forth to positively impact the world as they move on from Assumption High School.

Congrats to the 106 members of the Class of 2024 on your many accomplishments these past 4 years.

Jordyn Allen, Emma Anselm, Ralph Armstrong, Seamus Ash, Carson Bakay, Hayden Bargmann, Andrew Barry, Brynn Bartels, Evan Boldt, Maggie Burchett, Carter Burkhart, Elena Camacho, Nathan Cameron, Bauer Caspers, Bianca Connelly, Brady Cosner, Camila Crespo, Dominick D’Aprile, Landen Derrer, Julia DeVries, Anna Dolan, Madelyn Egger, Anika Ekstrom, Rachel Ellingson, Connor Ewen, Elizabeth Farley, McKayla Froehlich, Lane Gerard, Anthony Guerra, Humberto Gutierrez, Rebekah Hartsuch, James Hasley, Alexis Hayes, Angelo Jackson, Sophia Jacobsen, Alexander Jardine, Ashley Johnson, Maggie Johnson, Benjamin Johnston, Holly Jondle, Haylee Jones, Rachel Kendall, Even Kettmann, Maverick Kindred, Elijah King, Lucas Kopp, Josephine Lai, Isaac Langrehr, Brooke Lochner, Brian Lopez, Matthew Macias, Jessica Mack, Jacob Madigan, Samuel McCarty, Mason McConnell, William McIntosh, Kennedi McIntyre, JuanPablo Medrano-Gonzalez, William Moore, Cesar Morales, Ryan Munoz, Michael Murphy, Dakota Natteri Lalanza, Madalyn Nigey, Adam Nikulski, Amiya Nix, Kareena Pal, Colin Patterson, Annie Pauwels, Peyton Pilgrim, Nathan Possehl, Sadee Powers, Emerson Quick, Molly Riley, Macie Ripslinger, Molly Roe, Danielle Ryan, Liam Ryan, Cooper Sammon, Rhett Schaefer, Aidan Schmidt, Delaney Scordato, Abigail Selden, Mary Selden, Emerson Severson, Grant Sim, Lucas Steining, Gustave Stevens, Michael Stieger, Emma Strajack, Cale Stubbs, Joseph Tallman, Hugh Thompson, Jacob Timmons, Kaden Tolle, Natalie Turner, Dylon Urquiza, Thomas Van Keulen, Antonio Vazquez, Addison Walter, Courtney Wedig, Julia Werning, Noah Whitlock, Audrey Wilson, Isaac Zude, Noel Zude.

We would like to especially highlight a few select academic awards, and we encourage you to view the complete list of recognitions for all graduating students that was printed in the graduation program.

Governor’s Scholar

Anthony Guerra

Des Moines Register Academic All-State

Rebekah Hartsuch

ROTC Full Tuition Scholarship – The Citadel

Colton Pilgrim

Link to the Class of 2024 Graduation Program


Genesis Adventures In Nursing (GAIN) Camp

GAIN Camp is held each summer at Genesis Medical Center, Davenport, and provides an opportunity for high school students – 9th grade through 12th grade – to explore nursing and health care careers. The Camp is designed to inspire and enlighten Campers during an exciting week-long adventure! Participants will have first-hand encounters in various nursing and health care opportunities and, through hands-on mock situations and simulations, experience what it may be like to be a Genesis nurse.

GAIN Camp 2024 planning is underway so scan the QR code below and follow for updates!





College Visits

The following college representatives will be visiting Assumption High School during student’s lunch hour. Please take advantage of visiting with these representatives.

  • Wednesday, April 3, 2024 – Campbellsville University
  • Wednesday, April 10, 2024 – University of Wisconsin – Platteville

FAFSA Step by Step

ICAN advisors will walk you through how to complete the FAFSA  form step by step. From student dependency status to which parent is reported on the FAFSA, they will cover all the tricky questions about income and assets, explain how to use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool, and cover next steps once the FAFSA form is submitted.

Click here to watch the previously recorded event:

ICAN – Information for Seniors

Reminder on important information relating to seniors:



  • ICAN calendars are open to schedule FAFSA appointments. People can schedule in-person or virtual appointments by going to or by calling 877-272-4692

FREE Filmmaking Program for Teens

Hey students – if you think you might want to direct, write or edit music videos, films or TV shows… then maybe check out joining Fresh Films.  It runs on Tues/Thurs at The Fresh Films Office: 428 19th Street Rock Island, IL. It’s a free program and you don’t need previous film experience. You’ll also work with pros from Sony, Roku, American Idol and more (great for college & job resumes). It starts Jan 9th.  Learn more and sign up here





Now is the Time to Prepare for FAFSA

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is a critical step for many students seeking financial assistance to pursue higher education. For the upcoming academic year, there have been significant changes to the FAFSA timeline, with the application period delayed by Federal Student Aid until December. While this shift may initially seem like a reprieve, it underscores the importance of early preparation. Today, we’ll explore the key FAFSA changes, discuss their implications and offer guidance on how students and their families can make the most of this extra time.

Understanding the FAFSA Changes

Traditionally, the FAFSA application period opened on October 1st each year, meaning many current college students would be renewing their FAFSA forms this October. However, recent changes to the form have pushed the opening date to sometime in December, altering the timeline for students to apply for federal financial aid.

While you can’t file the FAFSA right now, there are many things you can do to prepare for when the FAFSA is released.

This week, October 9-13, 2023, is FAFSA Preparedness Week in Iowa. During this week and over the coming weeks until the form is released, students and families can take advantage of the extra time to organize tax information, gather necessary documents and ensure accuracy in their financial details. Most importantly, students and parents can get their FSA ID username and passwords setup and verified.


The FSA ID, or Federal Student Aid ID, is a username and password that is used in the financial aid process to electronically sign Federal Student Aid documents such as the FAFSA. Part of the changes to the FAFSA now require the FSA ID be set up and verified BEFORE filing the FAFSA. Verification can take up to five days, so now is a great time to get started on this process.

ICAN, an educational nonprofit specializing in career and college planning, has a team of student success advisors to help families through this process. ICAN has put together resources and will be hosting events across the state throughout October, November and December to assist families in the FSA ID process. To learn about the FSA ID process, you can visit

Preparing to File the FAFSA

In addition to the FSA ID, students and families should begin collecting necessary financial documents, including tax returns and W-2 forms, in advance of the FAFSA opening date. For a complete list of needs documents visit

Ensure that all information is accurate and up to date to facilitate a smoother application process.

Filing the FAFSA

Once the FAFSA is available, families wanting assistance can find free assistance events through the FAFSA Ready Iowa program. This program coordinates events across Iowa to provide families with assistance and guidance through the financial aid process. Check with your school counselor to see if your school is hosting an event this year or visit

You can also schedule directly with an ICAN advisor either in-person or virtually by visiting and clicking Schedule an Appointment. ICAN will begin scheduling FAFSA appointments in mid-November.

The FAFSA changes, including the delay until December, present an opportunity for students and their families to approach the financial aid application process with greater preparation and clarity. By taking proactive steps to gather necessary documents, explore financial aid options and create a solid financial plan, students can position themselves for success in their educational journeys. Now is the time to prepare, ensuring a smoother FAFSA application process and a more secure foundation for future academic endeavors.

The ICAN Team