Update: 2020 Assumption Baseball & Softball Schedule and Guidelines


2020 Baseball and Softball Schedules and Guidelines

Dear 2020 Assumption Baseball and Softball Parents,

We are very happy to provide a shortened summer sports season at Assumption.  We are asking our parents for understanding and some help along the way.  All practice and game guidelines are posted on our school website.  We need to have great cooperation and 100% compliance with all guidelines to make this a safer environment for our players, coaches and families.

Our coaches are instructed to take attendance daily and ask each player if they had their temperature taken.  Players must be dropped off and parents must leave or remain in their vehicles during practice.  No one other than players, coaches and school officials are allowed at practices.  If any player has been tested positive or exposed to COVID-19, please contact the Assumption Administration immediately.

Players must bring their own water/beverage, food and hand sanitizer and should not share with others.  When possible, please have players use their own equipment and clean this equipment daily.  Players are expected to maintain social distancing at practices and whenever possible.  Players should wash hands and shower at home following all practices and games.

Transportation – At the varsity level, our players and coaches will meet at a specified time for away games that are in Iowa Quad Cities. (All Davenport, Bettendorf, Pleasant Valley and North Scott).  For all games that are outside the immediate area, Assumption High School will provide transportation to and from the games, however we strongly encourage players going home with their parents if possible.  Please notify the coaches before leaving with your player.  Players riding our buses will sit one person to a seat and are encouraged to wear a mask while on the bus.  Parents may transport their player as long as this is communicated to the coaches prior to leaving.  Buses will not stop to eat on any trips.

All MAC schools other than Assumption will be limiting game attendance at their facilities to three (3) “Gate Passes” per player.  Anyone attending games at all other MAC schools must have a “Gate Pass” to purchase admission to the games.  These “Gate Passes” will be given to each player prior to the games.  We are not planning to limit our attendance at home games as long as social distancing can be maintained.

Please review all guidelines and check for new information often.  Good communication is a must in the situation we are facing.  Please continually remind your players of the guidelines and be teaching them to be self-aware of their own behavior, listen to their coaches and follow directions.  Good luck to all and please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.  Let’s have a Great summer and Let’s Go Knights!

Yours in the Assumption Spirit,

Wade King

Athletic Director

Assumption High School

(564) 343-4434 (Cell)

2020 Assumption Baseball & Softball Practice Guidelines

We have been given permission to begin baseball and softball. We need to follow the guidance that has been provided to us, and pay attention to the details of our day-to-day activities and practice. To promote Safety, we ask that student-athletes, parents, and coaches pay close attention to personal health. If you don’t feel well, don’t attend practices or games. Attendance will be excused if the player or parent texts or emails the coach to inform them that the player doesn’t feel well or a family member is showing symptoms.

Before your first practice.

Make sure all documents are on file with the athletic office.

Physicals are waived until July 25

Head-up Concussion form

Before you arrive at the ballpark, ask yourself these general health questions:

Have you had a fever or taken medicine in the last 24 hours to reduce a fever?

Are you feeling ill?

Have you developed a cough in the last 24 hours?

Have you had any other symptoms of illness?

Stay home if you have any of these symptoms or if you  have a fever

Make sure your hands have been washed before coming to the ballpark.

Take your temperature before arriving at the ballpark.

Bring your own hand sanitizer with you to practice & games.

C. Arrival at the ballpark

Coaches will take attendance for all players attending the practice that day.  All records of attendance will be kept for the entire season.

Whenever possible players and coaches are asked to make an effort to maintain social distance.  While we understand that this may not always be possible, but please be mindful of these recommendations throughout practice and play.  

D. Practice

Drills should be set up by coaches to minimize large groups and provide social distancing.

Players are encouraged to use their own helmets if NOCSAE approved.

All shared gear should be sanitized before it is passed between teammates.

Students are encouraged to keep hand sanitizer with them and use frequently.

Measures are in place for sanitation of school-owned equipment and facilities.   

In an effort to maintain optimal hygiene all participants are asked to refrain from spiting (including sunflower shells).  

Baseball – Summer 2020

Any student planning on trying out for the 2020 Baseball season must send Coach Thissen an email with the following information. Name/phone number/grade/shirt size for uniform and pants size: S, M, L, XL, or XXL.

Greg Thissen  – thissengreg@gmail.com

AHS Locker Rooms Clean Out

An announcement for all Athletics and Physical Education students that use the Assumption locker rooms:

If you have any clothing or gear in the Athletics/PE locker rooms, you may come to school to remove these items during normal school hours, (8:00 am – 3:00 pm) through May 1st. Students will be allowed to retrieve items from lockers while following all social distancing guidelines.  Students are asked to enter the school from the front office entrance.

Anything left in lockers after May 1st will be removed and thrown out.  Locker rooms will be cleaned and disinfected after all items are removed.

2019 Coach Greg Thissen Baseball Camp

What: 2019 Coach Greg Thissen Baseball Camp

Who: For Boys Grades 1-8 (Grade student is entering in Fall)

Where: Assumption High School Baseball Field

When: June 12-14

Download: 2019 Baseball Camp Registration Form

Session I: for grades 4-8, Starts 9 a.m./Ends 12 p.m.

Session II: for grades 1-3, Starts 10 a.m./Ends 12 p.m.

Cost: $85 for Session I. $75 for Session II. First child is full price; all other siblings pay just $20.

Payment: Make checks payable to: Greg Thissen

Deadline: June 7, 2019

Highlights: Instruction by current and former AHS players and coaches.

Contact: Head Coach Greg Thissen at thissengreg@gmail.com

2019 Freshman Baseball Schedule

Day Date Opponent/Event Gms Site Time
Wed 22-May Rock Island 2 Home 4:00/5:30
Thur 23-May Davenport North 2 Home 3:00/5:00
Tues 4-Jun Muscatine 2 Home 3:00/5:00
Wed 5-Jun Central DeWitt 2 Home 4:00/6:00
Thur 6-Jun Burlington 2 Home 10:00/12:00
Fri 7-Jun Bettendorf 2 Away 10:00/12:00
Mon 10-Jun Bettendorf 2 Away 10:00/12:00
Tues 11-Jun Pleasant Valley 2 Home 10:00/12:00
Thur 13-Jun Dubuque Hempstead Gold 2 Home 3:00/5:00
Fri 14-Jun Burlington 2 Away 10:00/12:00
Tues 18-Jun Davenport West 2 Away 10:00/12:00
Wed 19-Jun North Scott 2 Home 10:00/12:00
Fri 21-Jun Clinton 2 Away 10:00/12:00
Tues 25-Jun Davenport Central 2 Home 10:00/12:00
Thur 27-Jun Dubuque Hempstead Green 2 Away 10:00/12:00
Fri 28-Jun North Scott 2 Away 10:00/12:00
Tues 2-Jul Davenport North 2 Home 10:00/12:00
Mon 8-Jul Clinton 2 Away 10:00/12:00
Tues 9-Jul Iowa City High 2 Home 10:00/12:00


2019 Sophomore Baseball Schedule

Day Date Opponent/Event Gms. Site Time
Mon 20-May Davenport North 2 Home 3:00/5:00
Tues 21-May Prairie, Cedar Rapids 2 Away 5:00/7:00
Sat 25-May Dubuque Senior 2 Away 10:00/12:00
Thur 30-May Burlington 2 Home 3:00/5:00
Sat 1-Jun Burlington Tournament 2 Away 10:00
Mon 3-Jun Davenport North 2 Home 3:00/5:00
Thur 6-Jun Bettendorf 2 Away 5:00/7:00
Mon 10-Jun Pleasant Valley 2 Home 3:00/5:00
Wed 12-Jun Muscatine 2 Home 3:00/7:00
Mon 17-Jun Davenport West 2 Away 5:00/7:00
Wed 18-Jun Dubuque Hempstead 2 Away 5:00/7:00
Wed 19-Jun North Scott 2 Away 5:00/7:00
Thur 20-Jun Central DeWitt 2 Home 3:00/5:00
Mon 24-Jun Davenport Central 2 Home 3:00/7:00
Thur 27-Jun North Scott 2 Away 5:00/7:00
Mon 1-Jul Muscatine 2 Away 5:00/7:00
Wed 3-Jul Central DeWitt 2 Away 10:00/12:00
Mon 8-Jul Clinton 2 Home 3:00/5:00
Tues 9-Jul Liberty, Iowa City 2 Away 5:00/7:00


2019 Varsity Baseball Schedule

Day Date Opponent/Event Gms Site Time
Mon 20-May Moline [IL] 2 Augustana College 5:00/7:00
Tues 21-May Mt. Pleasant 2 Home 3:00/5:00
Sat 25-May Valley, West Des Moines 2 Home 12:00/2:00
Thur 30-May Burlington 2 Away 5:00/7:00
Sat 1-Jun WB-Notre Dame 1 Home 11:00/1:00
Mon 3-Jun Davenport North 2 Away 5:00/7:00
Thur 6-Jun Bettendorf 2 Home 3:00/5:00
Sat 8-Jun Dowling Catholic Tournament 2 Away TBA
Mon 10-Jun Pleasant Valley 2 Away 5:00/7:00
Thu 13-Jun MFL MarMac (Monona) 1 Away 7:00
Mon 17-Jun Davenport West 2 Home 3:00/7:00
Tues 18-Jun Dyersville Beckman 1 Away 5:00/7:00
Fri 21-Jun Brent Prange Inv. (Saydel) 2 Away
Mon 24-Jun Davenport Central 2 Away 5:00/7:00
Wed 26-Jun Solon 1 Away 5:00/7:00
Thur 27-Jun North Scott 2 Home 3:00/5:00
Mon 1-Jul Muscatine 2 Home 3:00/7:00
Fri 5-Jul Cascade 1 Away 5:30/7:30
Mon 8-Jul Clinton 2 Away 5:00/7:00
Tues 9-Jul Benton Community 1 Home 3:00/5:00
Mon 15-Jul Prairie, Cedar Rapids 1 Away 5:00/7:00
Fri 19-Jul District Semifinal TBA 5:00 or 7:00
Mon 22-Jul District Final TBA 7:00
Wed 24-Jul Sub-State TBA 7:00
Tues 30-Jul State Quarterfinals Des Moines TBA
Fri 2-Aug State Semifinals Des Moines TBA
Sat 3-Aug State 3A Championship Des Moines 6:00