Thank you so much to all parents and students for your assistance with the transition of some of our attendance procedures since the start of this school year.  As a reminder, all attendance is now tracked through the Library and overseen by Mrs. Bridget Frieden.  If students arrive tardy, but prior to 8am, they should proceed directly to their 1st period class.

All students are required to sign in and out at the Library desk if they are being called out of school or arriving late (anytime after 8am). If Mrs. Frieden has not heard from a parent or a doctor’s excuse is not provided when a student arrives during the school day, she will call the parent to make sure they are aware their student is arriving late.  You may call in, at 563-326-5313, and hit 1 for Attendance if you are reporting an absence, or if your student needs to be released for an appointment.  You may leave a voicemail there with your student’s name, date, and reason for being absent.  You may also communicate attendance issues via email to


If your student is leaving school early for any reason, please contact Mrs. Frieden to let her know, so when your student comes in, she knows they are to be leaving.  In order for a student absence to be considered excused, school policy requires a doctor’s note, a statement from a college for a college visit, or an internal communication that it is a school-approved event. Thank you for your help with our school attendance procedures!

Service Hours Opportunities

Please see below for some Service Hours opportunities:

  1. Volunteer to help in the Children’s Section for Festival of Trees.  Contact Mrs. Imborek at;  —
  2. Dan Bush needs two strong individuals to help carry and clear out a storage space.  May get service hours or $15/hr.  You may choose which one.  Please text Mr. Dan Bush with your name and grade at 563-340-5060 and let him know you’d like to help.

MVRBC – Blood Donations

On September 4, 2018 we held our first Blood Drive of the school year. We provided 31 donations for local hospitals.  Each whole blood donation can be processed into multiple blood components, so our blood drive provided up to 124 products for patients in need.

Thank you to all who gave blood to provide lifesaving products to hospitals throughout the region.

Adoration and Chaplet of Divine Mercy – Every Tuesday and Friday

Adoration – Everyone is welcome!

Adoration is held every Tuesday after the 7:10 AM chapel mass.

Please consider giving up a study hall or prep period during this time to spend with Jesus.

Anyone wishing to sign up for Adoration may now do so at the link below:


Chaplet of Divine Mercy – Everyone is welcome!

Reminder that the Chaplet of Divine Mercy

is said every Friday at 3:00 PM, the hour of mercy, in the chapel.

The chaplet usually takes less than 10 minutes

and is a great way to end the week!

Academic Decathlon – Looking for Upperclassmen Participants

Mrs. Lamp is looking for upperclassmen to participate in Academic Decathlon! Meetings begin October 5th!

 Academic Decathlon is the premier scholastic competition for high-school students; it combines a Quiz Bowl competition with paper-and-pencil testing and presents students with a unique, interdisciplinary approach to developing skills. This AHS club brings together academics, communication, and teambuilding in a competitive framework that reinvigorates learning. Because each decathlete participates in all ten Decathlon events, students participating in the program enjoy a well-rounded scholastic experience that enables them to develop their strengths and overcome their weaknesses. Decathlon events include subject tests in eight academic categories (Art, Music, Economics, Literature, Science, Math, Social Studies, and Essay) and two interpersonal-skills events (Interview, and Speech).

 Participating in Academic Decathlon requires once-a-week attendance at a 15-minute meeting. The club meets in Mrs. Lamp’s room on Friday mornings from 7:25 to 7:40.

 There are two competition weekends: Regionals are held Saturday, January 26th, and State will be in March. If we should make it to Nationals, they are held in April.

 Academic Decathlon encourages personal and academic growth, looks great on resumes, and doesn’t take a ton of time! If a Test-taking / Quiz Bowl competition sounds like an activity your student might enjoy, please encourage him or her to come to our first meeting!