What’s Happening at AHS

AHS Booster Club – Positions Open

Knight Nation,

The Assumption Knights Booster Club is currently looking to fill the following positions.

Treasurer – Mike Poster has been at the helm with us for eight years and has done a excellent job providing the club and Assumption with the financial reporting we need to be successful. He has created a template for this role and will help whomever our new volunteer is with his expertise in getting started.

Apparel – Mary Oxendine and her husband John have also been with the club for eight years and are credited with outfitting Knight Nation and our student athletes with the best apparel the industry has to offer. Mary has also created awesome statements on our state qualifiers and state championship T-shirts.  This is a big job, but Mary has many trade allies/references to pass on to the new person and will also help that person get started.

Booster Buttons – Heather VanSeveren has headed up this department for many years utilizing her photography skills to get the quality our students deserve. We are looking for someone to take the individual sport pictures and assemble the buttons for sale to Knight Nation.

Mike, Mary and Heather have given their time and talents to the AHS Booster Club benefitting the AHS athletic department financially for many years. We thank all three for a job well done. It’s time for the next great group of volunteers to step in. We need you! Please contact me or Wade King with any questions you may have.  We need to fill these positions now. Merry Christmas to all and go Knights. Sincerely, Chris Martens AHS Booster Club. Chrishmartens@gmail.com 563.529.9863

Winter Information Knight – December 12th – 5:30-6:30 PM

All families interested in learning about everything AHS has to offer are encouraged to attend the Information Knight Session on Wednesday, December 12th, 2018 from 5:30-6:30 PM in the AHS Carroll Lab.

This is an informative session for parents to learn about academic offerings and financial aid options.  Assumption High School offers a challenging curriculum designed to give students a solid foundation in preparation for life beyond high school.  Please join us to learn more!

Any K-8 student in attendance will be partnered with a group of AHS Student Ambassadors for a variety of activities and a tour of the school!  Please park in the main student entrance.  There will be AHS Student Ambassadors showing families to the Carroll Lab.  Contact Kris Thomas, AHS Director of Admissions, with questions:  (563) 326-5313 ext. 230 or kris.thomas@assumptionhigh.org.

Thank You – Ladies Christmas Luncheon

Thank You to all who attended, supported, donated and enjoyed the Ladies Christmas Luncheon (a gift-gathering party for April Knight)  We enjoyed a lovely program from AHS Jaz Band – thanks to the students & Erin Mahr!

Jazz Band Members include:

Annette Baker

Emma Boche

Maegan Dolan

Ellen Jardine

Max Lane

Ryan Logan

Yadira Lopez

Jacob Lyons

Noah McCracken

Maggie Overturf

Dylan Remrey

Abby Schauer

Jack Scordato

Daniel Sebille

Nathan Seutter

Michael Tallman

Colin Thill

Cooper Timmerman

Robert Thompson

Dylan Whitlock

Football Mania Winners – Through Week 14

Week 14
Michal Hansen – $400
Rachel Pelsang – $25
Sheryl McKinnon – $25
Mary Merschman – $25
Angie Kersten – $25
Brent Anderson – $25
Ryan Huber – $25

Week 13
Lorenzo Garza – $400
Dan Timmons – $100
Greg Miller – $25
Scott Kulhanek – $25
Rich Gulasy – $25

Week 12
Chris McGivern – $50
Steve Weitz – $25

Week 11
Luis Arango – $25
Rick Eller – $50
Kennedy King – $25
Mike Kotula – $25

Week 10
K.C. Armstrong – $25
Marcia Murray – $25
Robert Murray – $50

Week 9
Brock Harris – $50
Patty McCracken – $50
Sheryl McKinnon – $25

Week 8
George Blough – $25
Missy Zeimet – $25

Week 7
Joel Kendall – $400
Jenny Hager – $25

Week 6
Thomas Bush – $25
Thera Cosner – $25
Collin Keppy – $25
William Tallman – $50
Colleen Tallman – $50
Kelly Timmons – $25

Week 5
Rob Burbach – $25
William Lynch – $25
Nate Trumm – $25

Week 4
Pete Loken – $50
Michelle Welch – $25

Week 3
Dan Turner – $125 (two separate tickets, $100 and $25)
Ky Lai – $25
Brian Schubert – $25

Week 2
Dawn Wardlow – $25
Lorie Melchert – $25

Week 1
Dan Timmons – $100

Finals Schedule – December 20 and 21, 2018

Thursday, December 20 (Finals Periods 1, 2, 3, 5 – Advent Reconciliation 12:45)

Period 1                7:45-8:45

Period 2                8:55-9:55

Period 3                10:05-11:05

Lunch A                11:10-11:35

Period 5A             11:40-12:40 (Seniors must report to Study Halls, if applicable)

Period 5B             11:10-12:10 (Seniors must report to Study Halls, if applicable)

Lunch B                12:15-12:40

Reconciliation in Auditorium       12:45


Friday, December 21 (Finals Periods 4, 6, 7, 8 – 12:15 Dismissal)

Period 4                7:45-8:45

Period 6                8:55-9:55

Period 7                10:05-11:05

Period 8                11:15-12:15

Service Hours – Blood Drive – December 17th – AHS Small Gym

Everyone is somebody’s type….



Please consider donating blood on Monday, December 17th.  Sign-up in Mrs. Martin’s room or a member of the blood-drive committee!! Remember, this does count as community service (1 hour), but even more, you help save lives!!

If you are not 16, don’t fret, you can still help the cause! Please consider baking cookies/snackies to donate for those giving blood.

You will received one hour of service for any and all homemade items you bring the day of the blood drive .

Tis the season to give,

Natalie Imborek

1998-99 Wrestling Reunion – Jan. 3, 2019

The Athletic Department is hosting a Reunion for members of the 1998 and 1999 State Championship Wrestling teams on Thursday, Jan. 3 during the home wrestling meet vs. North Scott. The meet begins at 6 p.m. and the 1998 and 1999 teams will be introduced prior to the varsity meet which should begin around 7 p.m. Following the meet, there will be a social event at Rookies.

The 1998 and 1999 Assumption Wrestling Teams had a combined record of 64-0 and were the back to back Iowa Class 2A State Individual and Dual Champions! The team also won the 1998 AAU Disney Duals and were Ranked #1 in the USA at the time.