What is the Religion curriculum like at Assumption?

Assumption embraces the opportunity to teach Christian ideals in all facets of the educational program.  Additionally, every student will participate in a Religion course at all times when attending Assumption.  Due to the fact that Assumption is a Catholic school, the content of Religion courses is based in Catholic Christian teaching.  Great care is taken to be respectful of non-Catholic students throughout such courses, and fostering general Christian, spiritual development is a priority.

Each semester, every student will take an age-appropriate Theology course (as outlined in the course catalog) for one quarter.  The other quarter, each student will participate in a Community of Faith Seminar course that is based entirely online.  During the seminar course, students will log community service hours (10 hours minimum per semester) and offer reflections on completed service via small group discussions.  Additionally, small groups will engage in ongoing discussion surrounding a selected community book each semester.  Online small groups will consist of 9-10 students of varying grade levels and 2-3 faculty/staff members, one of which is a Religion teacher.  Students will receive individual grades for progress in both Theology courses and Community of Faith Seminar courses.  Community of Faith Seminar courses will be participation based, and grades will reward regular, meaningful discussion within the small group.  First semester book access will be distributed to all students at school registration in August, along with more specific information regarding course structure, expectations, grading rubrics, and login/password information.

Families are strongly encouraged to read the community book each semester along with their students.  Assumption anticipates that this ministry effort will be a catalyst for ongoing conversation regarding our students’ developing faith both at school and beyond.