What about school dances at Assumption?

A multitude of developmental opportunities present themselves during the high school years, and we are happy to partner with families in making sure those opportunities are positive for students.  At Assumption, we are not only committed to the formation of academics; development of character, Catholic values, social maturity, and responsibility are also high on the list of our educational objectives.

Attending formal high school dances at Assumption has traditionally been a privilege reserved for upperclassmen.  All students in grades 10-12 may attend Homecoming and Turnabout, while the spring Prom is reserved for juniors and seniors only.  These dances are intended to be fun, supervised, age-appropriate social opportunities for our students.  Students attend these dances either as singles or with dates, and permission for a student to bring a guest from another school can be requested.  Attire is expected to be modest and align with the Catholic values upheld at Assumption High School.

Assumption Administration feels strongly that the rationale behind beginning the opportunity to attend a “dated dance” at sophomore year is appropriate.  The Freshmen Formal, a non-dated dance for all AHS freshmen, is a fun opportunity for the incoming class each fall.