April Knight

April Knight News

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Congratulations to our Grand Prize Raffle Winners!

$500 Winners
The Kevin Benedict, Ticket #266
Don DeWulf, Ticket #523 Sold by Lauren Loken
Robert Gregorich, Ticket #265
Pete Loken, Ticket #517, Sold by Lauren Loken
Dan Timmons, Ticket #814, Sold by Allie Timmons
Cathy Toohey, Ticket #149, Sold by Caroline Bush

$1,000 Winners
Michael & Bridget Anderson, Naperville, IL, Ticket #658, Sold by Jon Argo
John Arth, Davenport, Ticket #513, Sold by Jack McGuire
David Broders, Bellevue, Ticket #177, Sold by Brian Murphy
Dennis & Vicki Conard, Bettendorf, Ticket #426
Marie Catherine Guyot, Bettendorf, Ticket #156, Sold by Clemence Guyot

$1,500 Winners
Ben Anderson, Naperville, IL, Ticket #661, Sold by John Argo
Mary Pat Fries, Davenport, Ticket #141, Sold by Caroline Bush
The Lane Family, Preston, Ticket #881, Sold by Madeline Murphy
Tom Sunderbruch, Bettendorf, Ticket #727, Sold by John Argo

$2,000 Winners
Lawrence & Phyllis Benac, Naperville, IL, Ticket #191
Alise Haut, Davenport, Ticket #439, Sold by Sam DeVries
James Hill, Hailey, ID, Ticket #320

$2,500 Winners
Jody Kakert, Davenport, Ticket # 21, Sold by Tyler Gillum
Rita Stanforth, Davenport, Ticket #180, Sold by Shay Kaalberg

$25,000 Grand Prize Winner
Carol & Doug Aden, Bettendorf, Ticket #935, Sold by Emma Frese

Our Early Bird raffle drawing was held on April 10th. Congratulations to the winners!
Jay Vonderhaar, Bettendorf, Sold by Anna Vonderhaar
Kelly Timmons, Davenport, Sold by Nate Timmons
Mike & Linda Toohey, Lenexa, KS, Sold by Class of ’03
Robert Shaw, Davenport, Sold by Lauren Herrig
Pam Schumacher, Davenport, Sold by John Argo
Anne Lawler, Minnetonka, MN, Sold by Megan Bush

April Knight, Assumption’s largest fundraiser, benefits all students at Assumption by funding facility improvements, classroom materials, technology upgrades, and student activities in Academics, Athletics, and Fine Arts. This festive and very fun evening, complete with fantastic food, adult beverages, music, dancing, and live and silent auctions, is held in the creatively transformed gym at Assumption.

For more information, contact susie.foster@assumptionhigh.org.