Growth Mindset

What is it?

We used to think that our intelligence was fixed – meaning we were either smart or we weren’t. Scientist have proven again and again that simply is not true.  Our brain acts like a muscle – the more we use it, the stronger (and smarter) our brain becomes.


A person with a fixed mindset may do these things:

  • Avoid challenges
  • Give up easily
  • Ignore feedback
  • Become threatened by other people’s success
  • Try hard to appear as smart or capable as possible


A person with a growth mindset may do these things:

  • Embrace challenges
  • Give their best effort
  • Learn from feedback
  • Become inspired by other people’s successes
  • Believe their intelligence can change if they work hard

Scott County Catholic Schools Parent University

Sacred Heart Cathedral 422-E. 10th Street • Davenport IA  52803



Learn the difference between growth and fixed mindsets,

And how to foster a growth mindset in all aspects of your child’s life.

Save the Date for upcoming Parent University offerings:

Raising Faithful Families, Tuesday February 19, 2019

Children’s Author Julia Cook, Thursday April 4, 2019



Please RSVP by November 10th to ensure enough materials are available. We are planning to attend the Growth Mindset in the Home Workshop

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Parent Education Night

Assumption is partnering with our local Catholic grade schools to bring in speakers and provide a few “parent education” nights on various topics.  Usually, these take place at the Knights of Columbus.  Please click the provided link to voice your opinion regarding what topics you’d like to hear about.  If there is a topic not listed, please email Kelly Bush in Student Services to let her know what you’d like to hear about!

Parent Education Night Topics

Red Ribbon Week!

This week is Red Ribbon Week brought to you by Students Against Destructive Decisions!

It is a time that community groups, governments, and businesses commit to creating a healthy, drug free future for America. Since 1988, students have made commitments during this national celebration to the intolerance of the illegal use of tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs.  We also focus on making healthy choices.

Tuesday (11-7) Theme: “Do-nut do drugs. They put holes in your brain!”

Enjoy donut holes by the student entrance today!  And today we are having a healthy eats contest! Tweet a picture of any healthy meal you eat today @assumption_SADD and we will make a poll for the top pics to choose a winner!

Wednesday (11-8) Theme: “Only Dum-Dums do drugs”

Pledge to be drug and alcohol free on the sign at lunch and receive a Dum-Dum!  Today we choose the winner from the healthy meal challenge, so hopefully you tweeted your healthy meal to assumption_SADD!

Thursday (11-9) Theme:  “Decisions and Consequences”

Today will be a theater simulation of the consequences of negative decisions over the intercom at the beginning of classes.

Friday (11-10) Theme:  “Know Your Stuff”

Prizes drawn from Red Ribbon Week Toilet Talk.  We hope you took time to read and learn some of the facts and figures from the restroom newsletter.  We will be asking trivia questions at lunch and giving out prizes from the prize box!  Happy Veteran’s Day.  Thank a veteran!

Happy Red Ribbon Week!