All Parents – April Knight Raffle Tickets

April Knight “Fingerpickin’  Grand Prize Raffle Tickets” were handed out to your students.  If your student did not receive any, or would like additional tickets, they are available in the Business Office.   The total ticket (Grand Prize $99 AND Early Bird $1 = $100.00, made out to AHS)  The Grand Prize ($25,000) will be drawn during “A Knight of Beverly Hillbillies” on 4-20-18 and Early Bird drawing is 4-4-18.    The raffle ticket may be viewed/purchased at AHS website with echeck:

April Knight Raffle Ticket

Ladies Christmas Luncheon – Thank You

The Ladies Christmas Luncheon at The Outing Club was a huge and enjoyable SUCCESS!!  Thank you to the Assumption Choral Students who provided wonderful Holiday Tunes, all the Hostesses of the Luncheon who are a great financial support, everyone who attended and/or donated to the Luncheon and Jane Coryn for steering the ship!

Junior and Senior Parent Fundraiser Parties

Junior & Senior Class Parent Fundraiser Parties need a home and a date.  This is an opportunity to meet other parents of your student and reacquaint with those you know in a low-key, social fun setting. Great food is always a key part of this evening, as well as, your favorite adult beverages.  Fall is an optimal time for this to happen.  Your suggested donation to attend raises funds for a class gift to April Knight 2018.  Hosts provide beverages or food and additional dollars.


Questions/Interested?  Please contact Susie Foster at or 563-326-5313 x 281.  Thank you!