Academic Decathalon

About: Academic Decathlon is the premier scholastic competition for high-school students (it’s one part paper-and-pencil testing, one part speech-giving, and one-part Quiz Bowl). This club presents students with a unique, interdisciplinary approach to developing their academic and interpersonal skills by bringing together academics, communication, and teambuilding in a competitive framework that reinvigorates learning. Because each Decathlete participates in all ten Decathlon events, students participating in the program enjoy a well-rounded scholastic experience that enables them to develop their strengths and overcome their weaknesses. Decathlon events include subject tests in seven academic categories (Art, Music, Economics, Literature, Science, Math, and Social Studies); students also participate in three subjective events (Essay, Interview, and Speech).

Requirements: Participating in Academic Decathlon requires studying on one’s own, preparing a speech, preparing a study guide based on one of the seven academic categories (of your choice), once-a-week attendance at our 10-minute meetings, and intention to compete at the January regional competition. The club meets Friday mornings from 7:30 to 7:40. Meetings begin the first Friday in October.

Competitions: There are two competition weekends: regionals are held January 27th, and state is in March. If we should make it to the national competition, it is held in April.

Academic Decathlon encourages personal and academic growth, looks great on resumes, and will not take a ton of your time!

If you are a JUNIOR or a SENIOR & a competition combining multiple-choice tests, a 5 minute speech, and a quiz bowl event sounds like an activity you might enjoy, please simply show up to any of our Friday meetings during the month of October, and we’ll talk to you about joining the team!