Online Safety Guidelines for Parents

On Thursday, October 17, Officer Hank Jacobsen of the Davenport Police Department came to Assumption to speak to parents of the Scott County Catholic Schools about internet safety.  Here are a few of the biggest takeaways:

  • Consistently remind your student that anything they put online is PUBLIC and PERMANENT. Even when they erase content, many times a ghost image is saved.  Once words or an image is put online, they have no control over who sees it or how far it goes.
  • Don’t block all access to technology. Help your child learn to use technology safely and positively.
  • Be the parent. Set boundaries for technology and use monitoring/filtering software on all devices.
  • Know that a very high percentage of students have at least two accounts for many social media sites – one parents see when they ask to check devices, and one students keep in secret.
  • Keep lines of communication open and encourage your child to come to you when they see inappropriate material. Respond positively when they do come to you.
  • Remember the acronym YAPPY to teach your children what information they should and should not reveal online.
  • Your name- never tell a stranger your name. They could pretend to know you get access to your address and other personal information.
  • Address- Never tell anyone online where you live.
  • Password- Never tell anyone your password. Not even your best friend.
  • Phone number- Never give your phone number to people that you don’t know.
  • Your plans- Never tell a stranger your plans.
  • From Ms. Bush: Remember, a recent study has shown that over an hour and a half of screen time a day correlates directly with depression rates.  While there are many contributing causes to depression, excessive screen time has been shown to be a contributing factor. Balance screen time with “green time.”  Go outside, exercise, read offline, spend time with family and friends.

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Warmest regards,

Kelly Bush, Director of Student Wellness