Current parents – join your students in studying our faith!

Assumption High School has recently purchased access to the web resources at  This site has a wealth of information in the form of books, videos, articles, etc.  Students will be utilizing the site for their spring Faith Seminar course, but the potential for learning and growth goes far beyond the application to this class.  We encourage all current parents to set up an account and begin utilizing this awesome resource.  Virtually any topic you might want to learn more about in reference to our faith is available.  All faculty, staff, students, and current parents are included in our subscription and are eligible to sign up for an account.  The other cool thing is that students will retain their access even after graduation, so teaching them the benefits of this resource now can literally go with them as they go out into the world. The steps for setting up an account are simple.


  1. Go to your web browser and access
  2. The home screen will have a button to “sign up,” and you should click this button.
  3. Choose the 3rd option, “I belong to a Parish or Organization.”
  4. In the box to “find your parish or organization” type in 52804, and select Assumption High School. Click “Next.”
  5. Enter your name (first and last, please) and your email address.
  6. Click “Sign up.”


We also encourage you to add the formed app on any devices that you have, as viewing media content and accessing information on the go is easy to do with your formed access in a more mobile format.  This can be found easily by searching “” on the app store.